Seven Tips to Cultivate Kindness

Updated November 13, 2021. First published April 12, 2017

Hugh Anthony, PhD

Power of Human Kindness

Are we living in a world where having a sense of duty to care for others doesn’t come naturally anymore? Is the manifestation of kindness or its random act left to the non-profit…

The Paucity of Promises and Tinkering with Trust

Photo by Glen Carrie |

The advance polls are in for Canada’s 44th election, with political leaders jostling for votes in a close election campaign. The voices, votes, and the matter of the rights for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour are essential, as they represent approximately…

Obscurity, Falsification and Systemic Silencing of Our History

Hugh Anthony, PhD

Protesters Support George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Cologne, Germany | Martin Meissner | Credit: AP Copyright 2020.

The massive protests in the United States have fueled a ‘conscience checking at the door’ amidst the upheavals of the pandemic and for many nations as their sordid histories have brought on days of reckoning. This the Washington Post

Hugh Anthony, PhD

Storyteller • Speaker • Strategist • Scholar leveraging experiences to help organizations amplify purpose and impact

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